Introduction of Majors

Graduate School

The graduate program in Natural Sciences at wha Womans University is aiming for producing younger generations of female Christian scientists,who will lead Natural Sciences and the related technologies nationally and internationally


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Graduate programs in Ewha aims to study basic field of reasoning for natural science including functional analysis, algebraic number theory and analytic number theory, topology, and algebra. The computer facilities of the Department of Mathematics are outstanding, in which high-specification PCs are equipped for the study of applied mathematics such as cryptology and numerical analysis. In the Department of Mathematics at present, there are 12 faculty members, 6 doctoral students, 24 graduate students.
Most students, majoring mathematics feel free to study in an environment where most of them receive scholarship from BK21 scholarship or research assistant scholarship. There is also cross registration system between Ewha Womans, Yonsei, and Sogang Universities and therefore, students can develop a broad understanding in mathematics. Moreover, Mathematical Science Research Institute was built in 1997 and it supports various kinds of academic activities to graduates of the mathematics. After acquisition of master’s degree from the mathematics program, students follow various career paths: many enter jobs in the industrial sector, finance, or even government, for which their mathematical backgrounds have well-prepared them. Still others pursue doctors’ degree in mathematics, intending to be high-level researchers.

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Purpose and goal of Education

Graduate program in Ewha aims at education and research in the major areas of mathematics, meeting the needs of the times. We also seek for producing younger generations of female scientists with a strong morality who will lead Natural Sciences and the related technologies professionally and with creativity.

  1. Development of logical reasoning and analytical skills through mathematics
  2. Evolvement of ability for applied science and engineering such as medical science, biological science, financial science, and Nano technology
  3. Establishment of connection with Mathematical Science Research Institute to activate various kinds of academic activities to graduates of the mathematics
  4. Production of mathematicians who have creativity and morality