Dean's welcome

Welcome to the College of Natural Science at Ewha Womans University

The College of Natural Sciences was inaugurated when the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences was divided into three colleges in 1982 such as the College of Humanities, the College of Social Sciences and the College of Natural Sciences. In fact, Science Departments were already established in 1951 and have played an important role in teaching basic and applied sciences for nearly 70 years.

The College of Natural Sciences has five majors including Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Nano-Chemisty, and Biological Sciences, and is committed to nurturing talented human resources and creating a research environment with the aim of fostering outstanding female scientists who will lead the science and technology culture of the future society. The College of Natural Sciences is equipped with high-tech laboratory equipments and computer systems in the Science Building of 32,000 square meters. Research activities in the College of Natural Sciences are sponsored by BK21, SRC, NCRC, and IBS etc. There are centers for a wide range of subjects in natural science such as Research Institute of Eco Science, Institute of Mathematical Science, and Institute of Nano-Bio Technology.

More than 10,000 graduates, most of whom are involved in fields that make use of the basic science knowledge in various capacities at universities, research institutes, educational institutions, government organizations, financial institutions and corporations. Given the nature of modern science, where advanced science and technology are directly linked to basic science, the number of industrial and academic fields the graduates will enter will increase more and more. With this in mind, the school will do its best to help students who are interested in the natural sciences grow into global leaders in the natural sciences.

I look forward to your interest and support so that the College of Natural Sciences will continue to develop.

Thank you..

Dean of the College of Natural Science

In-Sang Yang