Introduction of Majors

Chemistry & Nanoscience

The undergraduate program in Chemistry and Nano science at
Ewha Womans University is aiming for producing outstanding
students who can understand indispensible relationship between
physical sciences and technology

Chemistry and Nanoscience

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  • 1951 Inauguration of the Department of Chemistry affiliated with the College of Education 1962 Change in affiliation from the College of Education to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 1982 The College of Natural Sciences branches out from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The aim in the undergraduate program in Chemistry at Ewha Womans University is to produce professional female scientists, who have basic and applied chemical foundations to lead in the natural sciences nationally 2008 Change of department name from Chemistry to Chemistry and Nanoscience.

Education Purpose and Goals

The Department of Chemistry and Nanoscience provides each student broad instruction in basic chemistry through lectures and experiments to meet the needs of the times. We also seek to produce new generations of female scientists, who will lead in the Natural Sciences and related technologies nationally and internationally.

  1. To satisfy interests about natural phenomenon, students learn chemical theory and Nanoscience, logical reasoning, and analyzing skills.
  2. The School of Chemistry and Nanoscience aims to promote cooperative efforts with basic studies to facilitate understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry and to stimulate creative Nanotechnology applications.
  3. Through chemical and Nano scientific experiment and theory, students develop research skills, critical thinking, originality, and independence.
  4. Based on understanding of how scientific knowledge influences our daily life and society, students gain the ability to contribute in modern technology development.


Chemistry and Nanoscience, a basic science field, includes a wide variety of disciplines and specializations, ranging from very practical endeavors to the study of the fundamental natural laws. The Department of Chemistry and Nanoscience offers students opportunities to study with the outstanding faculty members who are committed to excellence in education and research and have set up an ambitious goal to create internationally recognized research programs.