Introduction of Majors

Graduate School

The graduate program in Natural Sciences at wha Womans University is aiming for producing younger generations of female Christian scientists,who will lead Natural Sciences and the related technologies nationally and internationally


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 The Division of EcoScience at Ewha University is a graduate program emphasizing multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches for research in ecology, evolution and environmental sciences. 

 We believe that both the analytical approach championed by natural sciences and the holistic approach preferred by the humanities are critical for dealing with problems threatening the humanity such as global warming, climate change, erosion of biodiversity, habitat destruction, and pollution. 

Education Purpose and Goals

 Women scientists trained and educated in the Division of EcoScience will contribute to variety of fields including Natural Science, Ecology and Environment. 

 We bring together a diversity of disciplines incorporating faculties from ecology, evolution, systematics, environmental studies, public administration, science education, and medicine. 

 We are also in strong collaboration with the Ewha Natural History Museum to provide educational programs on nature for students and the general public and with the Research Institute of EcoScience to collectively research and address issues pertaining to biodiversity, conservation, and ecosystem.