Introduction of Majors


The undergraduate program in Physics at wha Woman University
is aiming for producing professional female scientists, who have
basic and applied physical knowledge and therefore, will lead
Natural sciences nationally and internationally


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  • 1951 Department of Physics was founded and steadily developed by a small minority of progressive female scientists. Scientific knowledge and technology have grown at a spectacular rate during the past century and physics has played a major role in improving our understanding of nature and harnessing its fundamental laws for our common benefit. The School of Physics at Ewha has been a leading physics institute in Korea since its establishment in 1951 and most graduate students are supported by the BK21 program and many other scholarships. Since 2005, students first gain admission into the Department of Mathematical Sciences and make a decision on the specific major they plan to pursue in their sophomore year.

Education Purpose and Goals

The Department of Physics educates students through various types of lectures and laboratory experiments in major areas of physics, inducing new ways of approaching topics. Our aim to produce new generations of female scientists, who will lead in the Natural Sciences and the related technologies both nationally and internationally. Therefore, we set a goal provide education in a broad areas of basic physics, meeting the needs of the times, and producing high quality female resources who can apply physical knowledge in solving real world problems.

  1. The basic studies include physical theory, scientific logical reasoning, and analyzing skills.
  2. Department of Physics facilitates learning and development of basic and professional physical skills to cultivate physicists
  3. Students gain the ability to apply physics to other natural sciences.
  4. A curriculum for students who wish to gain entry to graduate school is offered.


Physics, which deals with understanding nature and utilizing its fundamental laws for our common benefit, is interesting and beautiful in its own right. Physicists have contributed to the unprecedented growth of modern technology which benefits us in every day life.

Physics, as a fundamental core science, includes a wide variety of disciplines and specializations, ranging from very practical fields to the study of the fundamental laws and the structure of the universe.Therefore, career opportunities abound not only for physics majors but also non-physics majors.