Introduction of Majors

Graduate School

The graduate program in Natural Sciences at wha Womans University is aiming for producing younger generations of female Christian scientists,who will lead Natural Sciences and the related technologies nationally and internationally.


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If you are curious about how our universe was created and what the basic constituents of matter are or want to contribute to the unprecedented growth of modern technology, you need to consider studying at a graduate physics school at Ewha Womans University. Human society in the 20th century has been greatly influenced by unprecedented growth of modern technology and development of physics such as nuclear physics, electromagnetism, and theory of relativity. Without the basis of physical knowledge, it is hard to imagine further growth of modern technology in the 21th century. Physics has been play a role in offering logical reasoning and analytical skills, leading to a practical invention such as a computer, a laser, or internet. . If you want to be a female scientist who will lead Natural Sciences and the related technologies, it is desirable to consider entering graduate physics program. Major faculty members and graduate students in our physics department at Ewha are renowned for the excellence of their research and education. Graduates of the physics program follow various career paths such as the industrial sector or government.

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Purpose and goal of Education

  1. The objective of the program is to assist the student in gaining an understanding of physics sufficiently broad to form a basis for independent research.
  2. Graduate study is designed to enable the student to learn the principles and general methods used in problem solving and in research.
  3. The goal of the program is to produce professional female scientists who will contribute the latest technological development.