Introduction of Majors

Graduate School

The graduate program in Natural Sciences at wha Womans University is aiming for producing younger generations of female Christian scientists,who will lead Natural Sciences and the related technologies nationally and internationally.

Interdisciplinary program of Ecocreative

Interdisciplinary program of Ecocreative at the Graduate School in Ewha 

aims to cultivate a specialist in Ecodesign, Ecodocumentary, Ecoeducation, Ecoexhibition and Ecotourism based on biological resource and ecology. This program majors have detailed Ecoscience, Ecoeducation, Ecodesign and Ecomedia.

Eco Creative

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  • 2014.3 establishment of Interdisciplinary Program of EcoCreative, belonging to the College of Natural Sciences, at Ewha Womans University.


Korean government funded this graduate-level interdisciplinary training program that aims to produce creative experts in the fields of media, design, exhibition, publishing who utilize and disseminate scientific insights from the studies of Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity. Such experts will ultimately contribute to creating new industry and culture for ecology-minded society. To achieve this goal we established a new graduate program “Interdisciplinary Program of EcoCreative” by assembling faculty from Departments of Life Science (EcoScience), Media Study, Industrial Design, Science Education, and Environmental Engineering. Experts trained in this program will address societal demand for learning and experiencing the richness of biodiversity and ecosystems as well as academic tasks for advancing ecology in Korea.

The training focuses on translating important scientific achievements in ecology and biodiversity research into products that are easily approachable for general public, such as documentary films, ecology-inspired design, and scientific exhibition/publishing. We are also collaborating with related industry and institutions outside Ewha, for example EBS (Korean Education Broadcasting System) documentary team and the National Institute of Ecology of Korea.

Purpose and Goals of Education

Graduate program has a vision to develop women as integrated leaders to suggest the alternatives for sustainable development, which is threatened by resource depletion, climate change, and industrialization. Detailed Education goals are as follow

  1. Securing the creative economic graduate school education system on the basis of Ecoscience
    • Managing the integrated education to cultivate a specialist in Ecodesign, Ecodocumentary, Ecoeducation, Ecoexhibition and Ecotourism based on biological resource and ecology
    • Development of system dynamics education program for maximizing the communication capacity between academic disciplines
    • Development of education program to lead the integrative education of elementary and middle school education based on Ecoeducation
  2. Cultivation of ‘Ecocreator’ women
    • Cultivation of specialists to lead the future industry with creative problem solving abilities.
    • Fostering founders making use of realization of arts and women’s delicacy based on principles of natural ecosystem
  3. Foster establishments by building creative academy
    • Building integrative system of establishment incubator and education of using the ideas from a field directly to establishment.
    • Increasing the number of lecturers in charge of establishment incubator
    • Building a ecocreator network consisted of eco-friendly businessman, interdisciplinary professors and graduate students
  4. Reinforcement of research capability on alternatives for environmental policies
    • Development of education methodology which allows integrative construction of various fields such as the politics, economy, social, and culture connected to environmental policy issues
    • Focus on eco-socio resilience research for specialized research on environmental policy
    • Developing a scholarship network with overseas prominent research centers to figure out global research trend.